The heart of everything created, formed, made, invented or designed is the BLUEPRINT.

Without a BLUEPRINT, mistakes occur, some accidental and or irreversible. Depending on the extent of damage.

The  BLUEPRINT for LEADERSHIP is distinctly embedded in the PRINCIPLES  in operation derived from the mindset of a person. Your sink or swim is determined here depending on your Mentality.


Think of LEADERSHIP ORIENTATION  as the process from design to launch of a Super yacht. 

The purpose of a super yacht needs no introduction. It speaks of two vital instruments UNIQUE and STURDY.

Uniqueness and sturdiness are elements drawn from concept and purpose.

Beyond the unique and sturdy build is an ability to float-steadily evolve as a person.

The BLUEPRINT of your LEADERSHIP determines the end product. If you will ship wreck or stand the hurricanes of life when you get hit and thrown into a pendulum sway, disorientated and unstable in your thought and emotions. Feeling the pressure from all angles and a touch away from loosing it.

             Whether you Stay Afloat, Crush or Overcome, depends on your LEADERSHIP ORIENTATION.


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