Smooth sail in leadership depends on the fabric your content of leadership is made up of; functionality. Giftedness, status, and skill does not necessarily make you a leader. A concentrated effort is invested into the proper functioning of our model.

We pin the SOUL of your LEADERSHIP to your level of frequency FUNCTION. Precept is key to our training content to help you execute your responsibility and assess your ability to ask for help when you need it.

Lack of self-articulation. Failure to assess your own mental, emotional, psychological, relational, spiritual and physical needs against what you are taking on is a bait to self-sabotage and self- destruct. We help you determine your preparedness for a task.

Overly confident in your strength; your competence and or proficiency is a non-starter for the qualifying elements of true leadership.


Your Leadership going up in flames like this, seems impossible when you train yourself to master the skill of glossing over your weakness. 

What you don't deal with today will catch up with you unexpectedly.


From an angle you might have thought you got it covered.


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