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Complex issues face our world today. Not getting all the facts aligned before endorsing a policy, legislation could mean grave outcomes.


Signing the dotted lines throwing your weight behind an agenda, clarity from all angles applicable is needed to understand exactly what you are signing onto, not just what is represented on paper. 



Formulas, methods, trial and error approach and assumptions without a prover never constitute education. If there is one thing needed in our world today its EDUCATION in the Truth.

Our training programmes are all based on absolute principles. Delivered in a quaint, tailored and versatile approach.

Affording you prescription for the most challenging and unbelievable strength testers.


Celebrating others is an opportunity to invest in their future. Life unfolds and takes us on different journeys. 

Tools to prepare your loved ones ahead of time are invaluable gifts for any occasion.

Speak to us to put a gift or seasonal bundle together for that special occasion.

Intangible experiences like sanity, inspiration, new perspective, offloading a thought bouncing it off someone who gets you is priceless. What's on your mind, frazzled; heads or tails? Ask Ruach a question while you wait at the lounge. Pre-book face-to-face sessions if you transit through London Heathrow Airport subject to availability, or schedule a video meeting. Or you may try our on-demand telephone service.


Confusion clouds sound judgement. Overwhelming situations arise when you least expect them. A problem shared is half the burden rolled away. At Pristine Dimensions we help you get the framework needed to take you forward.  With our eight pointer diagnostic markers.


Living by example seem the thing to do when you want to leave a legacy worth emulation. However, it is not as easy as you might want to think it to be. We help you make that paradigm shift and support you to cultivate new perspectives that helps you evaluate every information you need to take decisions and make choices.


With a background in Neuropsychology and humanities, imparting practical knowledge for understanding is her passion. Speaking on Leadership Orientation her focus is on undergirding Influencers execute their task with essence. Contact Ruach Parker-Dior for your functions, annual gala, events and launches.   

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