Join a small group of leaders in a private interactive unconventional online roundtable conference, hassle free for an impactful moment in the wake of exceptionally unique times. Leadership going burst, in these times is one we all can't afford.


With millions of lives at stake and people living in constant panic mode, clashes of experts and politicians are at the center of the mix and diplomacy is tilted towards antagonism. People are literally grappling straws. For several countries it is a matter of too little done too late or naked fear for lack of resources.  Frantic is a good illustration for most people's behaviour across board including most leaders. A breeding ground for misnomers as leaders take a swing at each other out of desperation and frustration to find solutions. Grave mistakes are made in such atmospheres, no matter how careful one might want to be dealing with challenges, sometimes apprehension is inevitable.




What to expect: Itinerary for the day

                           Self-Assess state of calmness



                           Canvass exercise(Practical measures to identify and deal with your challenges on the go)

                           Analytic viewpoint of present crisis( reactions & responses)

                           Application of analysis to task you working on(Interpretations & Representations)


 Screen Break

                           Preview exercises


 Part 2  

                           Explore principles



                           Diminutive Measures



Break out

                           Adjustments-New habit formation

                           Weekly monitoring daily targets(63 day challenge workable chunks)





1. You will come away with at least one definitive strategy to move past the seemingly chaotic moments. With a structured outline of how to implement and roll out your strategy whilst maintaining your sanity


2. Your Conference host will happily share with you a diminutive measure for Influential leaders to use that can turn the tables around in taking care of themselves.

3. Exponential measures to help work together without Influencers tearing each other apart. 

4. Learning how to talk to Revamp your Influence and avoiding pitfall rhetoric


Who can attend: Corporate Executives, Government Executives, Ambassadors, Influencers (Decision makers, Directive implementers, Diplomatic representatives) etc


Grow in your Influence is Pristine Dimensions Springtime Influential leadership platform for the leader who wants to grow in their influence as the name depicts.  It is for the leader who is looking for an endearing experience and a private moment to sculpt another level of difference into their leadership. 


Be aware that this is a non-refundable event and all stops have been pulled to make room for only those who want to take flight with their leadership in these chaotic days.  The risks involved in leadership going wrong cannot be taken for granted. Leadership needs to be subjected to the same level of impact you want to achieve. Everything needs to be under continuous checks. Leaving nothing to chance or oversights. The strict rules you apply as an Influencer applies first to you. Ready to face your own music, get on board for an unforgettable experience.


Duration: 3 hrs 


Price: £4500


Date: 01/ 05/2020                             


Time: 1530 GMT

Location: Online

Use contact below for futher information

​​Tel: 077 30 8942 92

International Dial: + 44 7730 8942 92


Address: 130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD

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