29 Jun 2018, 19:00 – 20:00 | Milton Keynes


Girls, its on this Friday online. Just kick off your work shoes, grab a cold drink, don't forget to throw in some ice cubes it makes all the difference and let's hang out!


Time & Location

Milton Keynes Milton Keynes, UK Virtual Meet up

About Event

Think of a world where you don't have to worry anymore about anything just being peaceful, growing and maturing day by day as you go through your challenges with strength and energy to captivate your world. How will that feel like?

Lace is a virtual meetup designed to support women to soar as high as they may providing moral support and encouraging women to work through challenges and keep on fighting a good cause taking care of themselves being aligned and full of positive energy. Join me this Friday at 7 pm for a time of inspiration and refreshment after a week long of hard work. It's time to relax. Don't miss out. This Friday we are talking about putting work stress behind you and enjoying the weekend.

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