1. What is Leadership Authentication and Validation?

Ans: It is a personal pocket compass system with one message: Ambassadorial orientation. What is that? Cultivating the spirit of leadership. In a one word, ATTITUDE. The prestigious role of an Ambassador goes beyond skill and experience. You are charged and obligated not to lead blindly. Leadership Authentication and Validation system helps you develop the heart to lead as a visionary. Identify the loop holes and close the gaps while executing your task.

2. Why is it important for Ambassadors to authenticate and validate their leadership?

Ans: Ambassadorship with all the prestige that comes with the office is heavily demanding. From foresight complex issues arise from all angles and you need a STAY STEADY button. For clarity to forge ahead with a personal trail-tracker to make it to the end of your assignment. A lot of hiccups are caused by this subtle human trait; excellent beginners on a task but poor finishers and its because most people have no personal checker to prompt them when they are going off and cannot tell where they went off track when they hit a curb. As an Ambassador you need a vision to accomplish the mission and to realise the purpose of your role.

3. How does Leadership authentication and Validation work?

Ans: It is a nine week process with a weekly themed focus that helps Ambassadors customise their leadership, augment the office of Ambassadorship in a way that best challenges the Ambassador to stick to their core values, serving their country and superiors. You have an additional three weeks to help smoothen any rough edges identified asking relevant questions, hypothesising or otherwise to derive hands-on probable answers to ensure the programme is well integrated for use on a day-to-day basis. The relationship does not end there, after you complete the programme you are entitled to a 30 mins  Free slot once a month for the next 12 months. We understand you dealing with crises with varying intensity and might want a neutral ground to get your perspective in alignment. That is what we are here for to shore up your support system.

4. Where is the Leadership authentication and Validation offered?

Ans: Accessible from anywhere around the globe with a click of a button we take into consideration busy schedules providing options to choose from for the initial one-to-one consultation which would be done on agreed preference of the Ambassador either face-to-face, Skype, video conferencing or telephone to get to introduce ourselves and to get to know you. Sessions after initial consultation will be via your inbox every Sunday. Other options are available and can be discussed should you prefer to explore what is available please request information on that.

5. What can you use Leadership authentication and Validation System for?

Ans: To remove undue pressure, stress and frustrations. Work with these tools to analyse the state of affairs, challenge the motive and intent behind those situations, articulate the end result in line with your purpose and abilities before prescribing a solution. Sometimes what is presented to you goes beyond facts and reasoning and staying on that platform is a waste of time. Go for the message behind the message.

6. What do you benefit from Leadership Authentication and Validation System?

Ans: You will build on your mental stamina, cultivate and acquire the spirit of leadership to navigate your role in a significantly enamoured attitude and character worth emulating whiles staying FIT for purpose and SHARP at all times being well integrated. You will also build on your personal COURAGE to execute the most menacing task, cultivate resilience, avoid stagnation of your vision, and living proof of your legacy.  

Hopefully, all pertinent questions have been covered so far.  Should you have any questions don't hesitate to email us or give as a call. We would love to hear from you and you should get an email response within 24 hours of getting in touch with us.

To excellence in leadership and creating iconic legacies.