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What is prototype timing? It is the timing associated with the post of an Ambassador to undergird effective communication. The office of ambassadorship embodies the mentality of an incumbent political government's interests and what they seek to achieve through communication. Concepts being communicated and words used in essence must mean the same to either parties otherwise there will be misconceptions.

Diplomacy at all levels must be conducted with bear truth worked into facts, thoughts, language and resolutions. Diplomacy is not always as straightforward as you might want it to be. It can go awry and timing is everything so far as diplomacy goes so that knowing when to resign with grace from conflicted views on the table is essential to avoid the temptation to postpone unfruitful outcomes to another day.

You can never appropriate what you postpone.

You as an Ambassador is introduced into office to be the face of your government on foreign land seeing to the interests of your government, citizens of you sovereign nation with the same mindset akin to your government. It is essential for the appointee to ask the question and find the answers beyond skill and experience what their appointment is meant to accomplish and the appropriacy of it in accordance to the mandate of the government.

Keeping in mind how delicate and intense some of your task are developing a versatile personality is an ultimate key to mastery of your role. Along with setting the stage for loyalty as a way of fostering long-term relationships.

Fundamentally, ambassadorship serves a single purpose under which everything else is fuelled. Identify and articulate that purpose effective execution of your assignment. For the entirety of your tenure these three awesome fellas: your assignment, mission and vision remain your bosom friends if you are to forge ahead, and achieve your desired results. This beautiful hourglass appears perfect but a close examination of it will reveal scratches in some places immediately introducing us to what cannot be seen on the surface. Which illustrates the point we are driving at things don’t always appear the way its seems and a little dig around will reveal the actual motivators. Time investment is priority for anything solid to be built. Before tackling an assignment you might have it all figured out only to bump into some unusual surprises that may potentially throw you off course, building your personal resolve and knowing when to shift gears without losing ground is rooted in this equation vision+discipline=Steady Progression. Which then leads to eliminating professional pain and torments that may arise with incompatibility with your assignment as regularly as possible to avoid confused state of mind.

Confusion is a demand for decision making.

To this end ensure you tap into planning for change, have a model of what the change looks like in mind and make time for your family. Can’t overemphasise the latter it is crucial.

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