Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Being effective as an all-round #leader has everything to do with what is in your nature, as well as the skills and experience you bring to the table. Happiness is a nature. read on!

There is nothing stressful than juggling all the stuff calling for your attention at home, work and still keeping it together 100%. This is not about faking it till you make it, that is a recipe for disaster. You can get stuck enjoying the fake so much that it will hinder you making it.

Did you know that whatever happens in your life has a correlation with your consent?

Our thought and heart life consciously or unconsciously gives consent to issues to become interwoven into our being. Primarily, what the mind feeds on steers our thought patterns and processes and becomes resident in our thought life. The imprints of how a person has being raised and their experiences in life and their culture by default programmes their belief system becoming the directive of their heart life.

Keeping it 100%Happiness challenge

Step 1: Decide to be 100% present with yourself: mentally, emotionally, biochemically agreed. You biochemically out of whack when your mind is saying one thing and your heart is saying another, the language you use suggests something else and your actions sharply contrasting all of the above. Internal agreements is everything if you are going to see happiness in your life. Happiness is a state you live in and has everything to do with the state of your mind, emotions, language-words you use and the actions that follow. Take ten minutes everyday in the morning to get your internal agreements in place. Some may need more time and its all about creating the time and making sure you are in agreement with yourself throughout your day whatever you encounter.

Step 2: Become aligned. What your heart is saying, must marry what your mind is perceiving. The movie your mind is showing you must align with where you see yourself headed for the day. Write down your vision for the day and read it to yourself, rope your spouse in as an accountability partner. It just means you are not going to be cutting corners on yourself and also so that you stay on course. Allow your mind to programme what your interactions will look like to avoid any surprises and its also great for handling unwelcome surprises.

Step 3: Be in control. Don't allow your emotions to control you. Practice taking a moment before you respond to any situation whatever it might be. Avoid being caught off guard. Take a minute to consult with your internal agreements before you react or respond. Weigh in your influence; what you intend to achieve in the day go through the experience in your mind evaluate your reactions allow room within yourself for unexpected changes. You are not just an ambassador you are a role model for your family whether they are present or not.

Step 4: Be committed. In leadership situations crop up that sometimes makes a leader miss a beat and wonder after all that I have invested... this type of situation is no respecter of persons. Be careful not to be affected by negative attitudes either from yourself or from others. Watch your actions and reactions don't let your pride get in the way for the opportunity to invest into your #legacy. Have this personal meeting with yourself at the end of each day to determine where you are at, whether you are progressing or retrogressing where your #relationships are concerned.

Step 5: Take stock. Pay attention to how you treat your spouse, children, employees associates and partners. That's a mirror reflection of who you really are. Look out for this one thing when everything is set aside do you really care for them or you do what you do for them just because of what you will get or because you are duty bound and want to meet the inflexible high standards you have set for yourself publicly to protect what you hide in yourself.

What will you be remembered for when all is said and done and you have to hand the baton to another?

Impact and impart your sphere of influence with a living legacy and it starts with articulately what these five steps means to you.

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