Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Welcome to Pristine Dimensions. We will be interacting with you right here on your bi-weekly Oasis. It is our priority that you get the best out of your relationship with us.

Pristine Dimensions is honoured that you stopped by today to engage with us. We will be most delighted to hear from you regarding what's on your mind that you wish to see featured on your weekly Oasis. Always remember, we are here for you, which means anything to ensure you are being properly facilitated. Some House rules to catch you up on:

1. Be sure to have fun

2. For now most events are accessible from the comfort of your home or office. Yes you can be in your PJ's if you prefer and log right on with your tea, coffee,  cappuccino, macchiato or whatever it is you drink and we will have a good time. Just because internet happened. Occasionally, we will bring you out.

3. All our events are run on a virtual platform which means it is interactive video conferencing. So may be not in Pj's, what do think? LOOOOLLL!!!

4. Watch out for information on upcoming events . We working on it.

5. Don't forget to visit fortnightly after your Sunday brunch or dinner for your fresh bi-Weekly Oasis prepared just for you to get you charged up and boots ready to face the weeks head-on.

6. Visit our Facebook page for more updates like, share and let's enjoy being together.

Glad to have you all Beautiful souls who have set yourselves up for this august and demanding task of ambassadorship. Thank you for being a part of Pristine Dimensions. Let's create iconic legacies for the next generation. To your success.

Want to know a secret crack this code- 9 12 15 22 5 25 15 21 -for a clue look for your phonic I just gave the answers away, not exactly but at least you know am being generous, right? Post up what you read if you were able to crack the code. Get in the first 200 to post the answer to the code and receive something special designed just for you.

Share the love. We all need at one point that little something that makes us smile when we hit a low, its called human experiences.

Right on your bi-weekly Oasis be my guest.

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